All about Same-Day Crown Treatment in Bayonne, NJ

Time is of the essence to everyone nowadays. People want to get things done within the day or as early as possible especially if it affects their appearance and health. With the high demand for quick restoration is developed for patients with busy schedules.  We offer Same-day Crown treatment at Little Family Dentistry in Bayonne to help patients save time and money while being comfortable.

What is a Same-day Crown treatment?

A same-day crown treatment can be achieved with the help of CEREC Crowns. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

Benefits of a CEREC Crown

  • It provides convenience. Since the treatment can be finished in only one appointment, it is guaranteed to provide convenience and saves the time spent at a dental clinic.
  • Helps you to preserve more of your natural tooth. CEREC crown procedure involves less drilling compared to the traditional crown procedure that requires the removal of more teeth structures.
  • Strong and durable. Although the crown is made in only one visit, it is guaranteed that its durability is as high as the traditional crowns. If proper dental hygiene practice is maintained, a CEREC crown can benefit you for more years.
  • Comfortable procedure. Instead of using dental impression trays like the traditional crowns, CEREC crown uses digital tools for faster and precise procedure.
  • Resembles the look of a natural tooth. The dentist would make sure that the porcelain to be used resembles the natural shade of the tooth to maintain the overall aesthetic of your teeth.

How does CEREC Crown work?

The procedure would require initial examination to determine the treatment needed for your tooth. Digital images would then be taken for the CEREC machine to create a 3D virtual model on the computer screen. The dentist would then design a restoration that is specifically for your needs. Once the restoration data is received, a machine in the office would then create the crown, and it would be finished within 10-15 minutes. The final step is to secure the crown and make sure that the fit, appearance, and functionality is perfect for you.

You deserve fast and outstanding dental care services with our Same-Day Crowns Treatment in Bayonne. Book your appointment with us at Little Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth! Call us at (201) 273-9233.