Answering FAQs About Dental Fillings in Bayonne, NJ

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Repairing a decayed tooth is the job of dental fillings. This dental treatment has been true to its claim in restoring the function and appearance of the damaged pearly whites.

While many people in America have their teeth filled, there are still those who didn’t have their affected tooth mended by dental fillings because of unfamiliarity. We at Little Family Dentistry tackled below the common questions regarding the mentioned dental treatment. Our practice will answer some of them to help patients get additional knowledge about fillings.


Dental fillings


FAQs About Dental Fillings

Why is it important to treat the decayed tooth with dental fillings?

Untreated cavities can place the whole oral health of a person in destruction. Luckily, dental fillings are there to halt decay from spreading undesirable effects to the mouth. The small hole in the tooth will be covered with filling to keep its structure intact, therefore, allowing it to function like usual.

How are dental fillings applied?

Since dental fillings procedure requires the drilling of the tooth, it is always ideal in ensuring the comfort of the patient before the application process. To do this, the dentist will inject local anesthesia around the area where the filling is to be administered. Anesthetics numb the site that needs the treatment, so patients will not feel any discomfort. Dental fillings are not meant to be applied instantly on the tooth. Instead, decays are removed primarily using a dental drill. The completion of the treatment usually lasts for around 30 minutes depending on the extent of the damaged portion.

Is it possible to maximize the longevity of dental fillings?

Absolutely, YES. Everyone can extend the lifespan of fillings for up to ten years with the correct aftercare. Aside from proper oral hygiene, patients should also see the dental professional two times a year.

How do dental fillings look like?

The aesthetics of the fillings usually depend on what materials they are made of. If dental fillings are composed of silver amalgams or gold, they will appear slightly distracting in the mouth. But if they are made from composite resin, a substance which has the same color as the teeth, then dental fillings will not appear noticeable. In fact, they will look like the real tooth.


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