Answering Some of the Common Questions About Dentures in Bayonne, NJ

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The thought of wearing dentures can be quite daunting; however, this is possible since there are several reasons for tooth loss to occur. Thanks to the creation of dentures, people who are missing single, multiple, or even entire teeth have a go-to solution for their problem. Although there are still some people who are hesitant to give this particular dental restoration a go due to uncertainties. To clear things out, we at Little Family Dentistry decided to answer some questions people who suffer from tooth loss may be asking. Read on below!


denture treatment


Where to begin?

After losing a tooth or two, there is no need to think twice! Book an appointment at our practice for our dentist to conduct an initial assessment. Doing so allows them to know the best course of action to take. If a patient is a good candidate for dentures, the cost, treatment duration, and recommendations to other specialists (if necessary) will be discussed.

Will dentures ever feel normal?

When wearing dentures, new patients tend to find the appliance awkward at first. But as their mouth adjusts to the prosthesis, holding and using them becomes more natural.

Will anyone notice the dentures?

One of the major worries with dentures is the appearance it provides when worn. Know that over the years, the prosthesis has been continuously improved and has come a long way. Dentists nowadays make sure that the dentures provided to each patient would appear as natural-looking as possible for better aesthetics.

Will there be any speech issues?

Slurs and lisps tend to occur only when wearing dentures for the first time. But as the mouth adjusts to dentures, these issues go away on their own. To make adjustments faster, patients are advised to practice speaking out loud with the prosthesis on.

Do patients need to spend weeks without teeth?

Before the whole process, the dentist would let the patient know by discussing the things to expect. These include the time needed to create customized dentures. At Little Family Dentistry, our patients have the option of Immediate Full Denture, which as its name suggests, allows them to get their full restorations in just a day. But since healing is vital for the success of the treatment, the dentist may need to consider all factors before prescribing a particular procedure.

Will eating be an issue with dentures?

Patients will not yet be able to eat everything they want after getting dentures, but it does not mean that they are going to starve during recovery. It is best to start with soft foods, then gradually switch to solids. Eventually, patients would then be able to eat most of the foods they like. Denture adhesives to keep the prosthesis in place can be used.

Losing teeth may not be the most pleasant experience, but thanks to the advancements in the field of restorative dentistry, patients do not need to suffer its adverse consequences.


Aiming to restore your lost teeth as naturally as before? Give Dentures in Bayonne, NJ a go! Call or visit us at Little Family Dentistry to discuss your options and to get started.