Cosmetic Dentistry: Five Reasons You Should Go in for It, Bayonne

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  1. Cosmetic dentistry becomes important as for some people since their natural tooth or teeth do not remain functional, at times. Sometimes, our natural teeth get injured, fractured, broken, damaged or infected. At times, these can be redeemed. But sometimes they cannot be restored with the help of root canal therapy or endodontic treatment. At such times, it becomes essential to do away with them. Then, the only other alternative is to go in for dental implants or dentures.
  2. At times, teeth get stained or yellowed. This usually happens due to lack of good oral hygiene habits. At such times, it is necessary to go in for cosmetic teeth whitening treatments. These can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic. For an at-home treatment, one needs a set of dental trays on which a whitening lotion or gel is smeared. After this, they are worn over the gums and teeth. This is done for a given number of hours for a given number of days. Slowly, but surely, the teeth start to whiten. At the clinic, treatments require a person to undergo a laser procedure. For this, the teeth are first prepped up. Then, a whitening lotion is smeared onto them. This is activated with the help of laser beam at a given intensity for a given duration of time. This procedure can be repeated once more for more effectiveness. The result is teeth which are whiter and brighter by several degrees or grades.
  3. Cosmetic dentistry also involves treatments like invisible braces. Sometimes people have teeth which are irregular or misaligned. This results in the smile of the person not being perfect. Also, their pattern of dentition suffers, and they may develop some other dental maladies as well. To correct this, teeth need to be straightened out. However, mostly braces are metallic and can easily be spotted. Some people become conscious due to this. To rectify this problem, people need to undergo invisible braces treatment.
  4. Smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction to fall into the ambit of cosmetic dental procedures. These are undertaken by those people who wish to transform their facial features by a bit to feel more physically attractive.
  5. When dental implant treatment is undertaken to improve the facial appearance of a given person, it will fall into the purview of cosmetic dentistry. This involves teeth extraction and their replacement with dental implants. The implant is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jawbone. A dental crown or cap is placed atop the implant to function as the tooth which the world sees. Dental implants are dental devices which can last the entire duration of the lifetime of a given person, provided they are cared for properly and well. Also, these are permanent and are not taken out at night or any other time. Just some minor and periodic adjustments are required to be made to them.

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