How to Whiten Teeth in Bayonne, NJ: Tips to Brighten One’s Smile

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Not only does the teeth help in chewing, talking, and smiling, it also plays a vital role in how others perceive a person. Nowadays, people who smile beautifully is identified as someone who is kind, approachable, successful, and memorable. After all, the smile is something that is remembered by most after their first meeting.

During the ancient times, people regard the teeth as something that stands for wealth and power which is why they tried to come up with DIY techniques. However, the ways that they practiced were unsanitary, ineffective, and caused more damage than benefit.


Beautiful white teeth


Tips to Effectively Whiten the Teeth

  • Brush the teeth properly. Although manual toothbrush is effective in keeping the mouth clean, upgrading to electric offers outstanding result in removing harmful substances. It also has timers that help patients keep track of the duration of their brushing which as recommended should be at least two minutes.
  • Choose the right toothpaste. Some products promise to whiten the teeth, but these are not strong enough to provide notable results. Using products with silica can help remove new stains on the enamel due to its abrasive property. Fluoride toothpaste is also a better option since it helps prevent plaque build-ups that cause discoloration.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of foods and beverages with intense colors. Anything that stains a white cloth can also stain the teeth. Coffee, tea, soda, mustard, red wine, berries, barbeque sauce, and ketchup are only some of the examples. If possible, it is better to choose a lighter option like champagne over red wine, grapefruit juice over cranberry, and more. It is also best to drink water after these substances to prevent it from settling on the teeth.
  • Stay hydrated. There is no question that water greatly helps the body, and it also has positive effects on one’s mouth. Adequate water intake ensures a sufficient amount of saliva production. Saliva does not only help in the proper digestion of foods, but it also acts as a natural wash for the mouth. It helps in removing foods stuck in the areas of the mouth that are not easily accessed when cleaning.
  • Undergo professional teeth whitening procedures. At Little Family Dentistry, we offer a safe, effective, and efficient whitening treatment for our patients. We offer in-office or take-home products depending on the need of our patients after examining their teeth and gums.

Although several over the counter products are readily available, professionally performed whitening treatment guarantee that patients can get the white teeth they have always wanted safely, comfortably, and conveniently.


Bring out your best smile with Teeth Whitening in Bayonne, NJ, book your appointments with Little Family Dentistry! Call us to experience outstanding results in making your teeth appear naturally beautiful and healthy.