Complete Checkups in
Bayonne, New Jersey

Here at Little Family Dentistry, in Bayonne, New Jersey, we encourage patients to visit our office every six months for a complete checkup and teeth cleaning.

Dental Checkup in Bayonne, New Jersey

Full dental checkups and teeth cleanings are all about averting dental problems from getting worse and developing in the future. If you brush and floss your teeth regularly, plaque and tartar can still form on the surface of your teeth. The best method for removing these deposits is with regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

At Little Family Dentistry, the first person you'll meet is our highly trained hygienist who will begin your appointment by performing a routine oral exam to assess the overall health of your teeth and gums. Next, the hygienist will start the process of cleaning your teeth. Using a metal instrument called a curette, or an ultrasonic scaler, the hygienist will scrape away any plaque or calculus found on the tooth's surface.

The hand-held ultrasonic scaler has a tiny tip that shakes at a very high rate. The quick movement of the tip breaks up the hardened deposits without harming the tooth's enamel. A steady flow of liquid, from the instrument, cools the tip and helps remove the plaque by washing away any residue left behind. If your teeth are sensitive, please inform the hygienist before the treatment begins. The hygienist may elect to use a hand-held curette to make the procedure more comfortable for you. Finally, the teeth are polished with a low-speed rotating brush and soft tip. A gritty gel is then applied to the surface of the tooth and polished to make your teeth appear smooth and shiny.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-Rays are a modern method of capturing an image of your teeth. By placing an electronic sensor in your mouth, an image is taken and immediately transferred to a computer screen. It provides you and the doctor a clear view of your teeth. The image is sharper and can be enhanced by the doctor if specific areas of concern need closer attention.

Digital X-rays make it even more convenient to compare previous images taken and compare them to the new ones. Which is why at Little Family Dentistry, we prefer using digital X-rays because they offer a better diagnosis that is readily available to both you and the dentist. And lastly, unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays minimize the threat of radiation exposure while helping the environment at the same time.

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Lindsay A.

My visits at Little Family Dentistry have been the most pleasant dental experiences. Such a professional and personable staff. I'm actually looking forward to going back!

Justin V.

Dr. Little is the best dentist I have ever visited. Her staff and team are very professional and extremely friendly. The office is beautiful and spotless! I had a great experience and now look forward to all my future dental appointments with Dr. Little.

Scott V.

After 21 years of not seeing a dentist I decided to break the streak and see Dr. Little. Fantastic experience. Painless yet comprehensive. I highly recommend her.
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