Dental Implants in
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Dental Implants in Bayonne, New Jersey

What are Endosteal Dental Implants?

Endosteal implants are devices implanted into your jawbone. At our office in Bayonne, New Jersey, our trained dentist uses this kind of implant when there is sufficient bone structure in the jaw to sustain the restoration. Read more to learn more about the types of implants available depending on your needs.

Types of Endosteal Implant

There are several types of endosteal implants. A screw implant is used when there is sufficient bone sturdiness to support the tooth. Occasionally, a screw implant needs bone grafting to generate enough bone. A plate implant is necessary when the bone is not strong enough to support a screw implant without grafting. A ramus frame implant is a device that uses plate forms attached by a manufactured bar to provide support for a full lower denture.

  • Augmentation Dental Implants are used to build up bone for cosmetic improvements. Augmentation dental implants can be used to increase the size of a weak chin, creating flattering cheekbones or change the position of the jaw. In some circumstances, it is necessary to supplement existing bone to add another type of dental implant.
  • Mucosal Dental Implants are used to increase the preservation of an existing denture in the upper part of the jaw. These implants are small plugs that fit into a socket in the jawbone or palate. The procedure does not involve drilling into the bone
  • Transcendental Implants help to keep an individual tooth steady. They have been used in the past and still provide some limited use, but it is better to lose a weak tooth and replace it with an endosteal dental implant that will not decay.
  • Custom Endosteal Dental Implants are devices that are custom-made for the patient. These implants have no restrictions and are used even in the most deteriorated and damaged jawbones. When the patient has little bone structure to sustain screws, it requires the dentist to perform a bone grafting which can be an extensive and complicated procedure.

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