Myofascial Pain Relief in Bayonne

Myofascial pain refers to chronic discomfort in the soft muscle tissues. Our experts can help you overcome myofascial pain with trigger point injections so that you can enjoy a more active and fulfilling life.

Myofascial pain is commonly identified as a recurring feeling of discomfort in a person’s soft muscle tissues. While this disorder has a number of different possible causes, anyone who suffers from the problem knows just how debilitating and tough it can be to deal with. One of the most effective methods to treat myofascial pain is with trigger point injections. These are injections that utilize small needles in precise locations. Most injections for myofascial pain relief will provide a helpful medicine that is designed to alleviate any discomfort. The typical procedure for myofascial pain relief will involve applying multiple injections in one visit.

The exact type of medicine that is used in a myofascial pain relief injection will usually depend on the needs of the patient. In most cases, a local anesthetic or a corticosteroid is used. The real effectiveness comes from the fact that the medicine is applied at very precise trigger points. With myofascial pain, these areas cause aching through the entire muscle. Applying medicine in these key spots will work to greatly reduce the pain. Myofascial pain relief injections are extremely safe, and they can go a long way towards improving one’s overall well-being.

What is myofascial pain relief?

Myofascial pain relief refers to a treatment method that is designed to help a patient overcome a recurring feeling of pain, aching and discomfort in their soft muscular tissue. One of the most effective methods for myofascial pain relief is to apply trigger point injections.

What are trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are injections made at extremely precise trigger points in a person’s muscle tissue. These injections will provide helpful medicine that is specifically designed to reduce feelings of pain and discomfort. The source of a person’s muscular pain is often directly at these trigger points, so injecting these spots directly can be highly effective for treatment.

What type of medicine is used in a myofascial pain relief injection?

The type of medicine used in an injection for treating myofascial pain will depend on the needs of the patient. In most cases, a local anesthetic or a corticosteroid is applied. There are also some patients who receive dry injections with no medicine. For these patients, simply inserting a dry needle into a key trigger point can reduce their pain and discomfort.

Are myofascial pain relief injections safe?

Yes, myofascial pain relief injections are very safe. Our experts are highly trained in applying these injections in extremely precise areas to prevent any unwanted complications. Most people who receive these injections experience minimal side-effects, if any.

How long does it take for myofascial pain relief injections to work?

Myofascial pain relief injections go into effect extremely fast. As soon as the medicine is applied, it will immediately get to work in reducing any pain or discomfort. A patient can expect long-lasting pain-relief results when receiving myofascial pain relief injections. Multiple injections are usually applied in a single visit to address all of the trigger points that cause discomfort.

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