At Little Family Dentistry in Bayonne, New Jersey, we take the comfort and safety of our patients seriously. Before performing any treatment, we take into consideration that some of our patients prefer a mild form of sedation before and during their treatment.

Oral Sedation

In our Little Family Dentistry facility, our patients who are apprehensive can elect to take an oral sedative before their procedure. The doctor will need to have a complete medical history on file before prescribing any oral medication. You should discuss with the dentist any new medications since your last treatment. You will be asked to arrive 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment for the sedative to work. This form of sedation relaxes you and helps you stay calm during the procedure. Before your arriving at the office, the staff will have provided you with instructions on what you should eat or drink and what to watch for afterward. Some patients may experience minor side effects such as vomiting or nausea. After the procedure, you will remain in the office for a short period for observation purposes.

Local Anesthesia

At Little Family Dentistry, our most common form of sedation is a local anesthetic. The dentist will inject Lidocaine to numb your tooth or gum area before the procedure. The dentist will dry the site of the injection then dab a topical anesthetic to numb the skin. Once that is completed, you are ready for the injection. Some of our patients claim they don't feel the needle, while others complain of a pinch in the cheek or gums. The sting they feel is the fluid moving into the tissue. The anesthetic can last for a few hours, so it may be difficult to eat or speak clearly until the sensation subsides.

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Our Happy Patients

"Highly Recommend Dr. Little - When Dr. Aurori retired, (He was my dentist since the early 90s) I figured it was time to find a dentist closer to home. I wasn't able to find a practice to trust, and I figured I would try Dr. Little. I am very happy that I did. Dr. Little and her staff have made visiting the office a warm and vibrant experience. I do not mind having to travel an hour to see her. It's well worth it. She is knowledgeable, gentle, and clearly, loves what she does. I Highly recommend her."

Peter M. Peter M.

"Dr. Little is the best Dentist I have ever visited. Her staff and team are very professional and extremely friendly. The office is beautiful and spotless! I had a great experience and now look forward to all my future dental appointments with Dr. Little."

Justin V. Justin V.

"After 21 years of not seeing a dentist I decided to break the streak and see Dr Little. Fantastic experience. Painless yet comprehensive. I highly recommend her."

Scott V. Scott V.
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