Dental Veneers in
Bayonne, New Jersey

Veneers are durable, reliable and look like your natural teeth. At Little Family Dentistry in Bayonne, New Jersey, our dentist, a cosmetic specialist, can change your life through a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers.

Dental Veneers in Bayonne, New Jersey

What are Veneers?

Veneers are a dental procedure in which a covering is placed over the part of the teeth that are visible when talking or smiling. The procedure can be done directly or indirectly. The direct method involves bonding composite resin on the outside of the tooth. The indirect involves two appointments because the veneers are made at our dental laboratory. Veneers are recommended for teeth with large fillings or little tooth structure.

The Procedure

At the first appointment in our Bayonne, New Jersey office, your teeth are prepared and an impression is taken. The dentist will place a temporary covering on your teeth. When the veneers arrive from the laboratory, usually after two to three weeks, the temporary is removed and the permanent veneers are bonded onto the teeth. The advantage of veneers is that less tooth enamel is removed, which makes the procedure to be less uncomfortable.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are stronger and last longer. The veneers are permanently bonded to the surface of your tooth. The color, size and shape of your teeth is altered without causing injury to the underlying tooth. The dentist at Little Family Dentistry will use a local anesthetic before placing your veneers. Your temporary veneers are removed and your permanent veneers are checked for their fit, shape and color. If any adjustments are needed, you should tell your dentist at this time because once the veneers are in place, they cannot be altered. If there are no adjustments needed, the dentist will bond the permanent veneers to the front surface of your teeth. First, a mildly acidic solution is used to clean the surface of the teeth before bonding the veneers in place. Next, a small light is used to cure the bonding material. Lastly, the dentist will check to make sure that the veneers allow space for flossing between teeth.

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Lindsay A.

My visits at Little Family Dentistry have been the most pleasant dental experiences. Such a professional and personable staff. I'm actually looking forward to going back!

Justin V.

Dr. Little is the best dentist I have ever visited. Her staff and team are very professional and extremely friendly. The office is beautiful and spotless! I had a great experience and now look forward to all my future dental appointments with Dr. Little.

Scott V.

After 21 years of not seeing a dentist I decided to break the streak and see Dr. Little. Fantastic experience. Painless yet comprehensive. I highly recommend her.
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